So you might be thinking the programs you been using for a while are enough and the best that’s out there. Can’t blame you, change is not everyone’s favourite thing. The problem though is that you could be missing out on some really apps you haven’t used before. Some of them help your productivity big time. Here’s a list of 5 Windows 10 apps we can’t do without:

VLC Media Player

Windows 10 has a prickly problem: Unlike Windows 7, it’s incapable of playing DVDs out of the box. Your PC might have a DVD-playing program installed if you bought a boxed system, but if not, the simply wonderful VLC media player can play your flicks (and music, and podcats, and…) for free.

Sumatra PDF

Adobe Reader is the go-to PDF reader, but it’s clunky, constantly updating, and frequently targeted by malware peddlers. If you need only basic functionality, go with Sumatra PDF instead.


Gimp is like Photoshop, except it’s free. That means nomore pirating. It packs all the features that Photoshop has and more. Plus, based on our experience, it’s very very very easy to learn. In a very short time you will be able to start editing pictures, changing them to suit whatever you need to do.


It’s always amazing how many people don’t use a password manager. These people are at huge risk. Don’t be like them. get a Password manager that you can use to store all your passwords so that they are secure. You will only need to remember one strong password in your life, and this one password will give you access to many more passwords which are secure. What’s more, you can install the app on your phone as well so that you have your passwords with you everywhere you go.

Google Drive

If you have a Android phone (which 90% of Zimbabweans do) You probably already have a Google account. What many people don’t know is that the same Google account could help them have a backup of all their files on their Windows 10 laptop. All you need to do is download Google Drive and choose the files thhat you want backed up to Google (the so called cloud these days). This way, if your laptop is every stolen, you can recover all your files in an instant.