Here are 7 signs of phone addiction that you should watch out for

  • When you have to say to your family members “Let’s put our phones away” while watching TV or eating, because it’s common that everyone has theirs out
  • If you’re a member of 5+ WhatsApp Groups that are always posting things and you feel the need to go through all the conversations
  • When every empty slot in your day is filled by the phone, e.g. waiting in a queue kwaOK, in a kombi.
  • When driving, you think that a red robot is an opportunity to quickly comment on a Facebook post or check how many likes your INstagram photo has received.
  • When you unconsciously lift your phone on your desk at least once every 10 or so minutes, even when it hasn’t made a sound of a message coming in.
  • When you wake up, you grab your phone and check it before you get up to the toilet

If this is you, you need to take it easy and start living life, because it’s passing right in front of you!