So, people I meet always have the same question, which phone do you think is the best? Well, I always try and give a very balanced argument and say I personally would buy a Huawei P30 Pro but an iPhone, even though its specs are weaker than all other flagships, has a great user interface (but then again which flagship doesn’t). Overal, Samsung is cool and I would encourage anyone to buy it.

When I give that summary I will be considering any or all of the following:

  1. RAM – How many apps can you keep open before the phone starts slowing down
  2. Battery – The higher the mAp the longer it lasts
  3. Front and back cameras – the higher the megapixels the better the photos it takes
  4. Operating System – the higher the number, the newer and faster it is.
  5. Price in Zimbabwe and for some in South Africa since they can’t be found in Zimbabwe.

These are the 9 great buys for 2019 based on these specs:

Phone Operating System Camera Battery Price RAM
LG W30Android 9.0 Pie Rear
12 MP, 13MP, 2MP

16 MP
4000 mApR3750 In South Africa 3GB
Nokia 3.2 Android 9.0 Pie13 MP rear
5 MP selfie
4000 mApR2400 In South Africa 3 GB on some
2 GB on some
Huawei Y7 Android 8.1 Oreo 2 rear
13 MP, 2MP

8 MP
4000 mApR 4000 in South Africa 3 GB
Samsung A10Android 9.0 PieRear
13 MP

5 MP
3400 mApRTGS $19932 GB
Samsung A30Android 9.0 Pie2 rear
16 MP, 5 MP

16 Mp
4000 mApRTGS $ 34254 GB on some
3 GB on some
Huawei P30Android 9.0 Pie3 rear
40 MP, 8MP, 16MP
16 MP
3650 mApR14 000 In South Africa 8 GB on some
6 GB on some
Huawei P30 ProAndroid 9.0 Pie3 rear
40MP, 8MP, 20MP

16 MP
4200 mApR19000 in South Africa 8 GB on some
6 GB on some
Samsung Galaxy S10Android 9.0 Pie3 rear
12 Mp, 12MP, 16MP

10 MP
3400 mApRTGS $131918 GB
Samsung Galaxy S10+Android 9.0 Pie3 Rear
12 MP, 12MP, 16MP

2 Selfie
10 MP, 8MP
4100 mApRTGS $14580 8 GB