Over the years we have been told, technology will replace humans. Just like everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to this notion. A robot can reach that part of the plant human beings cant, that’s good news. But the same robot has just made packaging tasks easier and automatic so 40 possible breadwinners are no longer needed to pack stuff, that’s bad news, right?

Being a technology warrior is the new cool thing in 2019. or in the 21st century because hottest tech trends will not pass you by. Your physical tech software is always up to date. That’s why we will talk about the latest Internet of Things trends of 2019.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)

Without loosely defining a very broad subject I will simply say, IoT is taking everything in the world and connecting it to the internet. Let no one tell you otherwise. When something is connected to the internet its suddenly transformed as it can receive and send information collect or act on information or do both. Same thing we do with our smartphones or other electronic devices once we connect them to the internet. In short, IoT is connecting all things of the world to the internet.

So In 2019, What IoT Trends Can One Greatly Enjoy?

1. Connected Homes And Offices

Ironically Econet has a product called Connected Homes. This is just connecting a house to the internet through erecting a security system that’s connected to the internet.  Sensors of different nature and different sizes are mounted around the house/office space and they will report any activity around their homes to the application that the homeowner/manager has on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Many security companies like Peace Electronics offer almost the same services that allow you to remotely monitor your property through the internet. This is one of the advantages of the internet, connecting your home to the internet is definitely a cool thing.

2. Managing Drivers In Transport Business

Back in the day, when you were in the transportation business either buses or haulage trucks, a lot of trust was needed between you and the drivers you would employ because they were solely responsible for making sure your business is running smoothly. Nowadays, because of sensors that are connected to the internet, it’s easy to know if the driver is about to open the fuel tank in the middle of nowhere, etc. This has highly enabled most modern day managers to know and understand why things are appearing the way they are in real time.

3. Retail Business

It baffles me why we still have guards at supermarket doors checking every merchandise we have bought against the purchase receipt. In 2019, Management must invest in automated checkout. Automated checkout is that thing we see on TV that sounds a very loud siren when one is about to leave the shop with stuff they have not paid for. This would save us, shoppers, a lot of time because the physical checkout methods are just tedious. Not to mention it eliminates human error.

4. TV

The days of fighting for the TV remote are over. Gone are the day where adults have to sit and watch cartoons because they want to be considerate. Pay TV services like DSTV have also been revolutionized by IoT as you can connect to many devices to your account and watch different shows in different rooms. Let’s not forget how we can now connect our not so smart TVs to Smart TV by devices such as Chromecast.

5. Fitness Trackers

Fitness fanatics will agree with me that sometimes we overestimate or underestimate our fitness journey. There are some exercises that are difficult to track with ordinary phone applications. Fitness trackers are wrist/armband/watches that have sensors that collect all kinds of data when you are exercising like pulse rate, pace, calories burnt, etc sending it to a system that can easily interpret it for you. You can use the data to help your doctor diagnose you.

In short, these are some of the IoT Trends in 2019 that you can employ in your personal life, in your work, or business and reap the benefits that come from using the internet fully.