Most of us have been in the situation where we buy a new laptop, and before long, we realise that it’s very slow compared to other laptops we’ve used or other owned by other people around us.

Usually it’s because we bought the brand new laptop on a very tight budget and paid maybe around $300 or $400 for it.

If it’s brand new, why is it slow??


Here's Why

Not all laptops are made the same. Just because it’s a new laptop doesn’t mean that it’s a powerful one. Nowadays all laptop manufacturers make budget laptops that are very cheap but have limited power.

By power here we mean mainly the RAM and the Processor.

For example a laptop could cost $370 and yet have only 2GB RAM and processor or 1Ghz. People in technology would say that such a machine is not powerful.

Ofcourse this doesn’t mean that such a machine is no good at all. It just means that purpose you buy it for should be very clear to you. Machines that don’t have a lot of RAM are good for basic office or school work involving Word or Excel documents. They are also good for browsing the internet and maybe casually listening to music and watching movies (sound is usually not very good though). very light games like Candy Crush saga can also be played very well.

If, however, you try to use such a machine for editing movies or editing photos in Photoshop, or for playing heavy games like warcraft, then you machine will be very slow and sluggish. For such heavy uses, try getting a i3 or i5 which usually start at 4GB RAM going up.

Other Reasons:

There are other reasons for slowness. The typical ones are that:

  • Your machine might have come with a low of needless software from the manufacturer. We call this bloatware. Examples include an anti-virus. You don’t need another one because laptops come with Windows Defender. There are others
  • You might have infected yourself with a virus or something could have hijacked your internet browser. Try to get someone to clean the machine out for you and ask them how best to not get infected in the future.

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