If you want your ZESA power units to last longer at home you need to watch your computer. Leaving it on could be costing you more that you think.

Generally, desktops use more power than laptops. The consumption of desktops is also affected by other things like the size of the power supply, the type of graphics card installed, as well as any additional gadgets connected to it.

If you have a powerful desktop and you leave it on even when you’re using it then you ZESA bill could be as much as $15 additional each month.

To save your power:

  • Turn off your computer when you’re not using it
  • Turn your monitor off completely when you’re not using it
  • Don’t install an additional graphics card unless you really need for things like Gaming, animation work etc..
  • Optimize your power options in

> Control Panel
> Power Options to the point where you ensure the computer goes to sleep when not in use, even for a short time.