1. An E-Book Reader
Every time I pull out my ebook reader, someone close to me asks what is that. I actually have an automatic response to this question. I then start to sing its praises, it’s a song I will never get tired of. I have managed to make everyone who sees me with my e-book reader green with envy literally. Why? because an e-book reader especially the Amazon Kindle offers so much goodness The battery last impossibly long(weeks), you can load a thousand books onto it, it’s so handy, it can keep you occupied on those long rides, keep you entertained on those lonely moments. Let’s just say an ebook is the universe’s gift to bookworms and those who have to read.

2. A Power Bank
Living in Zimbabwe requires that you have a power back up, for obvious reasons. Most devices no longer last the mandatory 12 hours we need to use our phones,  we need to charge them at some point during the day. With ZESA playing hide and seek, to have your own backup plan will ensure you don’t miss out when those biggest stories break on social media or when that opportunity to make a few RTGS$ knocks at your door because you are available on air.

3. A Swanky Laptop Bag
If you like to enter a room looking poised and all, holding a swanky carry case in your hand might just be what you need. In case you are looking for a way to instantly make a very good first impression at some function or event, you have to visit Innovative technologies in the morning and buy yourself a swanky carry case for your laptop. Believe you me the bags in store will steal the limelight wherever you go.