ZESA poured sand or is pouring sand on a lot of things with their crippling power cuts. Our entertainment has also been affected to an extent that it no longer makes sense to subscribe for Pay-TV as power only comes back at night when we are already fast asleep and programming is no longer optimum.

While others have already erected power back up in their homes, not all of us can afford to buy solar panels etc to power our entertainment. The furthest some of us can go when it comes to power back up is a power bank. In case you are like me and you have a power bank but you need some entertainment during the day, you may try these 3 streaming services.

1. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that offers great entertainment and the good news is it is affordable. At $8.99 monthly subscription a user can get access to many series, movies, sport and reality TV. It’s almost similar to DSTV it just needs data.

These days mobile data sometimes is usually not constantly available so live streaming may be a problem. Netflix allows you to download certain shows so that you may watch offline. This means you can download them during the time when the network is performing well( when power is available) and watch during the dark hours.

To subscribe to netflix you will need a VISA or Mastercard or any card that makes foreign online payments.

2. Amazon Prime Video

The beauty of this service is if you have an Amazon account you can watch some of these shows for free without paying for them. However, Amazon Prime video charges a flat $8.99 for families and its not always available in Zimbabwe. In order for you to watch those restricted chanels, you have to make  Amazon Prime think that you are in the states and you will have unlimited access to all its shows.

Downloading for offline viewing is also available for Amazon Prime customers but it’s limited to amazon prime customers. You will need an account that can make foreign payments to pay for the subscriptions for Amazon Prime Video

3. Hulu

Just like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu is not available in Zimbabwe or Africa. If you want to access Hulu, your device has to register that it’s in the US. Hulu costs about $8 a month and it is rich with shows and all like NetFlix and Amazon Prime.

You will still need an account that can make foreign payment to be able to pay for the subscriptions. You can also download some shows for offline viewing and get to occupy yourself during the load shedding hours.

4. Iroko TV 

If you are an African Movie fanatic you will greatly enjoy Nigeria’s Iroko TV. At $9.99 per quarter, you will get access to a lot of movies and like every other service, you can download some for offline viewing. You can use your foreign payments account to pay for subscriptions. Just remember if the service is saying you are in the wrong decision change your location to Nigeria and you will access everything you want to access

5. ShowMax

ShowMax is owned by DSTV. It only costs $7.99 per month for you to unlock all the goodness you can find on this streaming service. It offers download for offline viewing and it doesn’t have location restrictions like other services You will need to pay for it using your foreign accounts payments, card or account.