So, people I meet always have the same question, which phone do you think is the best? Well, I always try and give a very balanced argument and say I personally would buy a Huawei P30 Pro but an iPhone, even though its specs are weaker than all other flagships, has a great user interface (but then again which flagship doesn’t). Overal, Samsung is cool and I would encourage anyone to buy it.

When I give that summary I will be considering any or all of the following:

  1. RAM – How many apps can you keep open before the phone starts slowing down
  2. Battery – The higher the mAp the longer it lasts
  3. Front and back cameras – the higher the megapixels the better the photos it takes
  4. Operating System – the higher the number, the newer and faster it is.
  5. Price in Zimbabwe and for some in South Africa since they can’t be found in Zimbabwe.

These are the 9 great buys for 2019 based on these specs:

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