If there is something you have been itching to have from Innovative Technologies but can’t afford to buy right now, well yours truly is just about to inform you that you may be able to afford it in 9 weeks time when we run our Black Friday Promo.

Black after is the day after Thanksgiving dinner which is slated for 28 November 2019 and that automatically makes Friday the 29th of November Black Friday.

On this day we will knock off a chunk of dough off these products:

  1. HP 250 entry-level laptops;
  2. HP450i5 Probooks;
  3. HP 428fdw Printers,
  4. HPCE390A Toner Cartridges,
  5. Lenovo 520i5 Desktops,
  6. Lenovo Yoga 300 11 Inch laptops,
  7. Lenovo AIO PC (4GB, 500GB HDD Windows 10 Home),
  8. HP 450i 3 Probooks,
  9. HP 250 G 7 i5 Notebooks,
  10. HP 250 G7 i3 Notebooks.
  11. HPCF280A Cartridges,
  12. HP 901 Colors,
  13. Canon 440 Ink Cartridges,
  14. Canon 441 Ink Cartridges,
  15. Canon 728 Cartridges

So this typically means if you were planning on buying a laptop, in 9 weeks time you will get it from Innovative technologies at a discount. This also means if you were gonna start looking for some money to buy any of the listed products, you need to look harder because the prices (TBA) will be irresistible. You don’t wanna miss this day, and it’s worth waiting for trust the editor.