So if you are a selfie lover like me, you will discover you run out of storage faster than you can count right? Well, I always say technology came mostly to rescue us from some annoying problems. If you constantly find yourself running out of storage space on your phone its time you try saving them on Google Photos and deleting the footage on your phone to create more space for more photos.

What Is Google Photos?

Google Photos is a free photo storage app that allows a user to save their photos and retrieve them whenever they want to use them. Google photos use a system that allows a user to search for the photo they want with different visual features like place, people, etc.

How Does Google Photos Work?

The moment you activate the service it automatically backs up all your photos and videos from your gallery. You can command it to save photos from a particular folder only eg camera only. The moment you take a photo or receive a photo in your gallery, it is automatically saved in Google Photos.

How Do I Get Or Activate Google Photos On My Phone?

To activate google photos on your android device follow these few quick steps:

  1. Go to the google photos on your device and select “Photos”
  2. You will be required to fill in some details in some instances.
  3. Sign in and give photos permissions it requires.
  4. Set up the folders you want to be backed up in settings and automatically set your account to free up device storage.

If you don’t have google photos already on your phone you can download it on the internet.

FAQ – Google Photos
1. Is the storage space limited on Google photos?

Unfortunately yes. At some point, you will be told you have low memory(if you keep too big and too many files that is) and you can purchase additional storage.

2. What’s the advantage of using google photos?

a. Even if you lose your phone, your photos are backed up on your email you can retrieve them in a whim on a new device. This means you won’t lose your entire photo video collection in the event that you have lost your phone.

b. You get to free up space on your device to take more photos.