We just have to admit tech has brought a lot of convenience with it, we can’t help but smile when we take those cool photos or chat to a long lost friend living on another continent right? Well, those can only be abated(not in a bad way) by tech.

In case you are wondering what other cool gadgets must I have that will be convenient for me as a 21-century person here are some options:

1. Portable Bluetooth speaker

The days of playing music in the lounge so that you can hear it in the kitchen (as my mom says, vanished with Smith’s regime) have a Bluetooth speaker that you can always shift from place to place in a second. Earphones and Headphones apart from slowly damaging your hearing capacity cannot be used everywhere in the house right?

2. Cube Power Extender with a surge protector

Now, this little thing here will make your home tidy as the code can be rolled out and be connected to this little gadget here in a bid to extend one or more adapters bringing the much-needed flexibility and tidiness in the house or at the office.

3. A smartphone 

Smart has 2 definitions, smart as in clean and tidy and smart as in witty intelligence. By that definition phones with smashed screens and faulty functionalities aint tidy or witty. You need a phone that is ready to take a cool photo at any given moment right? You also need a phone that will not glitch in the middle of a transaction right?

4. External Hard Drive

In case you are an information and documents junky like me. You will need somewhere to hoard all those important documents and special moments. Doing it online could be costly at times, am I right or am I right?

5. Power Bank

To beat the power blues ravaging the country you will need an original power bank one that can fully charge your phone.

6. A 55 Inch Ultra High Definition 4k 3D Smart LED TV

I have to be specific on this one. A smartTV is a 21st  century must-have, a 55 Inch UHD 3D 4k  Smart LED TV is a 22nd century must-have if you catch my drift.