Back in the day when we grew up, smart meant clean, tidy, presentable. When our vocabulary evolved we learnt that smart may also mean quick-witted intelligence. As we progress further into the 4th industrial revolutionary, we have actually discovered that intelligence can also be artificial. This just means patterns can be studied, harvested and be put in a machine or object and the object can follow given instructions and make the job easier. That’s smart right?

Whenever we hear the word smart these days we always think of smartphones and smart TVs. Well, Innovative Technologies have these few gadgets that will make our homes smart, not tidy and clean but quick-witted artificially intelligent, you get the drift right?

Smart As In “Witty Intelligence”

1.Long Range Waterproof Access Point 

This gadget is used for long-range video surveillance and data collection. This means homes that have security systems that capture images and videos constantly for security reasons can use this gadget to take videos or images over long distances. Think of those parts of the property that are not captured using the current security system that you have because they are far. In case you have those humongous properties that need constant surveillance, this thing right here will make your surveillance smarter and as a bonus its waterproof in case it rains or you need to hide it on the path that gets sprayed by the sprinklers.

2. Chromecast

This device can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV,  and you can now stream your favourite show, sport etc using either your phone or the internet in your home. It simply transforms your TV into a smart TV. The days of sitting to watch a show repeat that you don’t really like because there is nothing else to watch must be a thing of the past as we enter the next half of 2019.

Smart As In ” Tidy And Presentable”

1. Extended Surge Protector

When engineers were designing these houses they clearly didn’t really have this era in their minds I guess. The era has come when everyone in the home has 2+/- gadgets to charge, Most rooms have few sockets we often need adapters to extend the power source. Well, this surge protector adapter is for those who want smart homes, smart and presentable homes with no cables strewing from one corner to the other.

2. Bluetooth Speaker 

For those that just want entertainment during the long hours when electricity is not available, this gadget is a smart buy as it saves power and can work with Bluetooth or FM radio or memory cards. Its small and compatible and will fit anywhere in a smart home that doesn’t want to add anything else to the home decor.

3. Ceiling Access Point

This may be ideal for huge properties that want a smooth outlook because it blends well with the environment. However, to those properties that want the same and are having a hard time extending the internet to parts of the property, this may come in as both an almost invisible decor feature and a solution as when it comes to wifi extension.