Last year social media went crazy when Kevin Hart refused to apologize for some homophobic remarks he made in 2011. Because of some 7-year-old tweets, Kevin Hart couldn’t host the Oscars this year. Though social media is just for social interactions, it has since graduated into something else. Religion Ministers now use it to preach, companies now use it to advertise, influencers are making money out of it, security agents are also using it to check us out, recruiters now use it to gauge our personalities based on our digital footprints.

Thing is you can’t afford to make a mistake on social media these days especially since it can be avoided. Why, because the internet doesn’t forget. It may not even forgive as well because after 7 years ugly tweets may just pop up and ruin you in a jiffy. When it comes to social media be extremely careful as the digital footprint you are leaving there maybe there forever and you have a hard time shaking off the bad tag that comes from your social media strolls.

So What Can I Do To Keep My Social Media Clean?

When I say clean I mean free from controversy, free from posts that spark unhealthy debates, free from controversial posts, comments, likes, and reactions. What’s the fun in that, you may ask, the thing is on Social media you have to try by all means to keep it clean and safe because Social Media is the new future.

Imagine going into an exam where you have already impressed the adjudicators, that’s how beneficial keeping your social media profile clean is. These few tips will help you keep your social media profile clean.

Don’t Just Follow

Before accepting a friend request, follow request or before sending one, check out the profile of the other person you want to connect with first. I have given this example once, do you think the US would have given a visa to someone who is affiliated to someone who woke guilty for something as huge as 9/11 even in the tinnest way? Guilty by association is real. Always connect with people you know, or people you have run a quick background check on and are sure are ‘safe’ because you never know.

Be very stingy with your likes, dislikes, and reactions.

By all means, don’t just like any post that’s likable on social media. A post maybe harmless today because it’s talking about something topical and it may actually depict your views today. 5 years down the line your views may change or the topic harmless today maybe hot then and your like will still be visible and other people who are interested in you as a person, potential partner or employer maybe mortified by a silly like. or dislike to a harmless post. Also, read the full post before liking it why, because it may be a social grenade.

Avoid gray areas when commenting on posts.

This means posts that seem like they are talking about something when they are not, should be avoided. Commending on hot subjects that seem to marginalize, degrade or ill talk another organizations or people should also be avoided as your would be partner, employer, or opportunity may be affiliated with that organization

Do You Understand The Subject Enough?

When posting makes sure your posts are as neutral as possible. Try not to offend others or be overly insensitive on social media, because you never know. Be wary of the subject you are about to discuss on social media as this may just become explosive and ruin you years later. Very few people are willing to give the ignorance discounts I have discovered, make sure whatever you are doing on social media doesn’t have to be defended to anyone at any given time in the future.

Make Your Point Without Insulting

Avoid abusing others and commenting using profanities or any language that belittles the other people nomatter how tempted you are. Why, because it may come to haunt you one day.

Bottomline, our digital footprint must be as clean and blameless as a newborn baby if possible. Why because like I said, social media is here to stay, its the new future. Recruiters now scout the platforms to get a feel of the digital you. Business partners scout the various social media platforms just to get to know you from all angles. Let’s not forget how we have all stalked our potential Baes on Facebook or Instagram or even LinkedIn. Even if you delete your post comment or unreacted to a post, there is no guarantee that no one took a screenshot of the post or someone who matters or who will matter has seen it already.