You may be in the printing business, or you may have an office printer or even a small printer at home. These 5 tips will make your printer stay longer.

Stay away from poor quality of paper

Poor Quality paper is known to cause ink problems on some printers. Take no chance, always ensure you use high-quality paper, you are assured of not encountering problems emanating from the quality of paper you are using.

Mind the Ink cartridges you use.

Avoid making use of poor quality ink cartridges or taking shortcuts as some cheap options may just leak and damage your printer. Always buy your cartridges from reputable providers.

Have a regular service contract with the provider if possible

Most companies that sell printers also offer maintenance services. Having such a deal with them will ensure that they are the only ones who will have access to your printer hence they can repair it and maintain it efficiently, eliminating recurring issues and costly repairs from other service providers.

Train your staff on how to use the printer correctly.

This will eliminate those problems that come from using the printer the wrong way and that damage it. If everyone knows the correct way to use the printer and the dos and don’ts, high changes they won’t make those mistakes when using it.

Ensure that printer security remains tight

For those printers that are linked to the internet, when you update firmware etc, make sure the printer security is tight by also maintaining network security to ensure that it cannot be breached by hackers. This may seem far fetched for now but the truth is more and more people are trying to get access to more devices these days posing a security threat even to printers as they can damage them remotely or deny you service by changing the system which will render your printer useless.

Protect your printer from unstable electricity: 

It’s always good to keep the printer disconnected from power when not using it or to ensure it’s plugged into a high-quality surge protector. This will protect it from power surges in case power is restored while you’re asleep or not anywhere near the printer.

Cover you printer if you live in a dusty area. 

If you work or live in a dusty area, ensure that your printer is covered with a cloth when you are not using it because the dust may get into the mechanical components of the printer and ruin it. Whenever possible dust the printer(s) often and or keep it covered with a clean cloth.