When the phrase “Video on Demand” is said, many people screech, cringe or both because some of them think about data and how expensive it is to buy data in this country in some instances to stream videos on the internet.

Then the soccer fanatics also think of the beloved PSL and EPL and decide Video On Demand does not allow them to stream their favorite soccer games on the internet and decide Video on Demand might cost them dearly.

Are We Really Enjoying Pay TV?

What is ‘Pay TV’ someone may be wondering, Pay TV is television broadcasting in which viewers pay by subscription to watch a particular channel just like what we used to do with Kwese and what we do with DSTV. What are the benefits we are getting on most of these Pay TV channels, a few of us watch a few shows. I for one alternate between 2 channels the entire month, How about the repeats that mar most of our favorite channels. It’s so unfortunate we can’t choose channels we want to pay for, its a package you simply have to buy it in its totality.

However, in this day and age of unlimited data, we as the 4th industrial revolution, IoT generation with unlimited data cannot be limited when it comes to entertainment. Why would we spend our entire day scrolling between channels looking for something catchy when we can watch what we want.

Ever Tried Video On Demand/Streaming Services?

What is Video On Demand is the first question that many may ask, according to Techopedia,

Video on demand (VoD) is a system that allows users to select and watch video content of their choice on their TVs or computers

So instead of waiting till your favorite show starts at 8 PM, you can choose something to watch to kill time in between and get to spend your day entertained, with something that you actually like. You can go to YouTube, Watch the latest edition of the Comic Awards. You Can go to Netflix and binge on your favorite series. If you are like me, you can even go to iFlix, and watch a gay events planner plan the most beautiful events on planet earth, the list is endless.

So Why A Smart Tv?

After a hard day of working on your computer and using your phone, we all know you crave for a moment of relaxation and a huge screen and your favorite show before you retire to bed. However, most of our TVs sets are not smart TVs meaning they can’t connect to the internet.

Buying a smart TV will allow you to connect your TV to the internet and access the Video on demand goodies we just unpacked. Instead of you coming home tired and in need of great entertainment only to be prompted by things you cant relate to, a smart TV gives you a second option to watch what you really want to watch as you unwind.

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