Social Media has become that one thing we can’t live without apparently.  According to Addiction Ressource,  40% of young adults and 21% of adults, admit to using social media even while in the bathroom. Social media has become a part of our lives we can’t deny that.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the whole world. Twitter, however, is not for the faint-hearted as many people of various opinions tread the platform every hour ready to:

  1. Correct you where you are wrong, grammatically or factually, sometimes in a nasty way.
  2. Laugh at you in case you make a mistake
  3. Reprimand you if you err. In most cases not in the nicest ways.
  4. Make an example of you if need be.

This means one needs to be very cautious and thick-skinned to tread the twitter streets unscathed. However, Twitter is very informative and very interesting. It keeps us updated about anything happening in the country and the world at large. Twitter is also very entertaining. A Twar or Twitter War, if you bump into it, can actually make your day. Tweeps ( people on Twitter) and Twimbos( Zimbos on Twitter) tend to make funny commentary that sometimes perpetuates the fight and make the whole thing hilarious. Imagine watching a boxing match of words and facts and sometimes insults and secrets….

However, we can’t throw away the baby with the bathwater. Just because Twitter is a champion’s league( a metaphoric phrase that depicts the intense competitiveness of the UEFA champions league) it doesn’t mean we cant greatly enjoy it. Here are 3 tips that you can employ and help sanitize Twitter as an individual.

1. Remember The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. This means if you don’t want anyone to make fun of you, to reprimand you in a nasty way, to make the entire platform know about your mistake don’t do it to others yourself. This doesn’t mean that if you are nice, everyone around you is gonna be nice. But Twitter doesn’t need any more nastiness. It begins with you and me.

2. Don’t Troll Back

Trolls ( people who start quarrels or upset other people) are here to stay. This means as we move further into the 4th industrial revolution era, trolls are going to probably increase or worsen. So if a troll is on your case, don’t troll back. Don’t argue with a fool because people may not know the difference, is a phrase that used to fly around a lot when we were young. It simply means not every argument is worth winning. If someone trolls you or a post and you feel the strong edge to troll back, rather refrain from trolling back and help sanitize the platform

3. Ignore

This means if someone needs a reprimand or a correction, rather inbox them or flat out ignore the mistake/error. The truth of the matter is some people usually don’t take these corrections and reprimands the correct way. Unless they are highly professional, some people will always be offended by the corrections on their posts. If you can’t go to their inbox you are better off keeping your corrections to yourself. If someone comes vying for your blood on Twitter let them be  Don’t block them or respond as that will be another source of yet another strife.

A strife free Twitter is possible it begins with you and me. If you don’t have Twitter you can sign up here.