I wish I had learnt programming when I was still a little kid. That means by now I would have been a proficient programmer able to code my way out of anything right? Well because this is a pure fantasy for me doesn’t mean it has to be a fantasy for your child too. Tech is here to stay. Among other things tech has made our communication so much better I don’t even know what my life was like before WhatsApp and Instagram and WIFI all I know is I can’t live without them.

Now that we know tech is here to stay, what are you doing to equip your child with skills needed to make them blend with the new era that is upon us? Its never too late to let your little one learn about programming and here are some great apps you can use.

1. Algorithm City

This app works for kids from 5 years going up. The app teaches basic coding skills in the form of a game. Kids can learn coding basics in this game by learning to follow basic coding instructions. Unfortunately or fortunately this app is only available on Android for now.

2. BeBlocky 

Another gamified app that allows kids to learn coding via an app. The app helps kids learn computer science in a way that kids will understand and like ( a rare combination right). For now, it can be found on Play Store only.

3. Think And Learn Code-A-Pillar

This is an app for much younger kids. A 4-year old can learn programming via following the mazes and puzzles provided by the gamified educational app. Please note its a paid app. be ready to part with some moolah to be able to access Think And Code- A-Pillar.

4. Kodable

If I had a kid I would hook them up with this app. Kodable is available in two phases. For younger kids, ( 4-7)  the app has custom made coding fit for young minds. The app has another custom made system for ages 7-10. The only drawback about this free app is that its only available on iOS.

5. Tommy the Turtle, Learn To Code: Kids Coding

Tommy the Tuttle was fun even for me an adult. It has a tutorial stage, where the young mind is taught to do small tasks like make the turtle move. Then a challenge to make the turtle move(example) follows etc. The gamified app is available on Android. It will, in my opinion, make a very good tutor to a young programmer.